Beer Sir John - Small sausages in syrup

Sir John - Small Sausages in Syrup

Region: Laurentides
Size: 473 ml
Alcohol: 8.2%
Style: IPA
Double / Imperial,
Cashmere Citra Galaxy Mosaic
Maple syrup

To honor our "Maple Syrup" week and not to digress too much from the SirJohn tradition, we had to incorporate at least a double IPA in the batch. This beer was therefore fermented on a bed of maple syrup in order to slightly increase the residual sugar in the beer.

On the nose, herbaceous and tropical notes unite while, on the palate, we find a round mouthfeel that brings traces of guava, ripe pineapple and a slight almost vanilla taste.

This beer, perfect for this sugaring off season, will make you travel just a little further towards summer by making you dream of the sun.

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