Sir John Beer - Shed

Sir John-Shed

Region: Québec
Size: 473 ml
Alcohol: 8.2%
Style: IPA
Double / Imperial,
Citra Mosaic

Shed honors the age-old practice of antler hunting. Every winter, male deer shed their antlers and, when spring comes, as a sign of renewal, new ones grow back. Tracking these lost woods has been practiced for a long time and we wanted to honor this respectful and somewhat unknown practice.

Outrageously hopped with our own selection of Citra and Mosaic, this beer offers a rich nose where the fir side rubs shoulders with stone fruits. On the palate, a hint of bitterness and sugar lead the charge before giving way to aromas of ripe apricots, freshly cut grass and tangerine.
In honor of this eternal sign of renewal, Sir John raises his glass to the arrival of spring

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