The business is shaped in the image of its owners by rethinking every facet of the retail business. Eager for sports, they want to accommodate cyclists in the shop by offering bike racks at the entrance to the store. In addition, Marc-Antoine, one of the owners and a civil engineer by training, incorporates noble construction materials into the interior design of the business in order to create a unique atmosphere for customers. Finally, the latter, being allergic to peanuts and legumes, is aware of the increase in the prevalence of allergies among Quebecers, and thus wishes to offer bulk products containing as few priority allergens as possible, according to the list developed by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. More is to come.

 griffintown_bottle opener

Redefining retail

Passionate about sustainable development, healthy lifestyles as well as the consumption of Quebec products such as beers from micro-breweries, Marc-Antoine wishes to offer the population of Griffintown a business in his image that will stand out from businesses in the area. Its main goal is to make your choice of beer easier, and all in an eco-responsible way.

His brother Alexandre, who is also part of the adventure of Décapsuleur meanwhile has a real passion for wine. During the year 2019, this same passion pushed him to start studies in the field of wine. Working in the field of aviation for three years, this has allowed him to visit some of the finest wine terroirs and broaden his knowledge in order to promote and develop a selection of the best wines produced in Quebec.